2019-2020 Spring Semester - Covid-19 Pandemi Era Internship Announcement

EHMB Internship Comission Head Assoc. Prof. Metin Yazgı added an announcement about the documentary procedures after Covid-19 Pandemi Era. Please click here to see the announcement [PDF]

Internship Announcement for 1., 2., 3. year students(18-06-2020)

ITU Internship portal due be opened for all 1., 2., 3. yearstudents by 19 June 2020.
Internships can be started 15 days after registration to ITU Internship portal pages.
It is recommended to carry out online Internships at first.



Internship Announcement for ITU ECE Department Undergraduate Students Who are about to graduate in 2019-2020 Spring Semester

In the following PDF list you may see the status of Internships in ITU ECE Department Undergraduate Students (About to Graduate in 2020 Spring Semester) with missing internship days.
İTÜ ECE Undergraduate Programs - 2020 Spring Internship incomplete Students List [PDF]

Please be aware that the students with missing Internship days will be evaluated according to following ITU Senate Regulations date 27 May 2020. Please see the [PDF] announcement below.
A new internship of 22 days will be added to those students in the above list who have incomplete internship days. The name of the new Internship will be seen as Muaf (exempt) in the SIS system.
These internship exemtions have been added to SIS database (11-06-2020 update).

Related ITU Senato Announcement
ITU Senate - Guidelines And Procedures For The Compulsory Internship Which Remained Incomplete Due To Covid-19 [PDF]